educational laboratory equipments(physics,biology, chemistry)

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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educational laboratory equipments, educational materials, scientific instrments, educational product

our educational laboratory equipments has  good quality and competitive prices,  it is convenient for you to use for teaching.

found in 1982, we  have a very professional team to design, research and produce all of educational laboratory equipments, scientific instruments, teaching instruments,teaching aids for physics, biology, chemistry, geography,math, PE, school furniture, like microscopes, electromagnet, optic products, measurement products, electronic products, mechanic products, Lab jack, electroscope, magnet, compass, hand generator, leyden jar, Newton colour disc, optical bench, balance, tuning fork, Van De Graaff Generator, Wimshurst machine, interactive whiteboard, sensor, overhead projector, LCD projector, micrometer, tape measure, stop watch, A-C basic meter, Dual-trace oscilloscope, force table, inclined plane, pulley, collision ball, Loop the Loop, pump, Pascal ball, Magdeburg hemispheres, aneroid barometer, slinky spring, Lenz Law apparatus, cylinder conductor, calorimeter, convection tube, Ring and ball, linear expansion apparatus, spring scale, physical balance, slotted weight